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Do you love your current home and neighborhood, but just need more space? Is your family growing and your needs changing? Before you start looking for a new home with more space, consider a room addition. Room additions are less expensive and more convenient than purchasing a new home, moving, and starting a mortgage all over again.

RiverBrook Construction has built room additions in Toledo for over 25 years. We understand each family has unique needs and every home is a treasure. Our design experts have successfully built many different types of room addtions in Toledo including;

Bedroom Additions

Are your kids getting older and sharing a room is no longer an option? Do you have new addition to the family? New babies need their own quiet rooms, and older children may feel stressed when they have to share a room.

Lesson the stress and hostility in your home by constructing a new bedroom addition. We can design and build master bedrooms, bedroom suites and extra bedrooms so that each member of your family has their own private space.

"Mother-In-Law" Suites

With today's blended families, it's important to give everyone their own space, and even more important when you're housing elderly parents.

We can build complete mother-in-law suites that include sitting areas and private bathrooms and bedrooms. Even a kitchenette. We can even install separate exit doors so that your parent can come and go as they please.

Entertainment Rooms

Enjoy a fully functional entertainment room where you and your family can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and video games.

Our professional home addition construction experts can revamp a room in your home specifically for entertainment, or they can build an entirely new entertainment room with custom cabinetry and entertainment stands and shelving.

Bathroom Additions and Complete Remodeling

A bathroom addition is one of the smartest enhancements you can add to your home. Most homeowners will reap 90 to 95 percent of the cost of installing a new bathroom when they sell their home.

We can add master baths, second bathrooms and half-baths to any residential home. Our construction professionals are well-versed in installing all types of showers, sinks, bath tubs, vanities, closets, cabinets and floors.

Family Room Additions and Extensions

Do you need more family space in your home? We build custom family room additions so that you can relax and spend time with your loved ones in a quiet and comfortable room.

Dedicated family rooms are perfect for relaxing after work with a good book and catching up on your spouses and children's day. We can even build custom bookshelves and desks so that you can chat with your children and help them with their homework at the same time.

Home Offices

Home offices are essential in today's electronically connected world. Instead of converting a bedroom into a make-shift office, let us build you a new office on your home. We are experts at building custom work stations and shelving and installing home office accessories. We can also install extra electrical outlets, cable and DSL ports as well as custom lights.


Let us revamp and increase the space in your kitchen. We can remove and move walls and combine rooms to give you the kitchen of your dreams. For instance, does your kitchen back-up against an oversized utility room? We can remove the wall between your kitchen and utility room and combine the spaces while still leaving you enough room for your washer and dryer.

With the increased space, we can give you more counter and cabinet space and add an esthetically pleasing and functional kitchen island. Like bathroom remodels and additions, the costs of a kitchen remodel and expansion can be 90 to 97 percent recouped when you sell your home, and everything we do is completely customized to your specifications. We can install the light fixtures, counters, cabinets and backsplashes of your choice, and we offer hundreds of styles of tile, laminate and hardwood flooring.

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When it comes time to make the renovation, contact us at Riverbrook Construction. We are qualified, experienced, fully insured and bonded, and stand committed to making sure that your dreams are built into reality.

We have been doing room additions in Toledo for over 20 years and have 10,000 completed jobs and delighted customers.

To start planning your new future, in the house and neigborhood you love, contact RiverBrook Construction at 1-800- 216-2733.

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